Equipment Rental

BP&L Industries provides equipment rental solutions for the power generation, oil and gas and industrial sectors. We rent construction and service equipment. Also, whether our clients require short or long-term rental BP&L Industries has the service capability to fulfill all our clients’ equipment needs. Some of the equipment available for rental are excavators, light towers, pressure washers, electric diesel generators, water trucks, loaders, trash pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, frac tanks, open surge tanks, air compressors, pumps as well as many…

Electrical Services

BP&L Industries provides both electrical construction and maintenance services. BP&L’s personnel has met the electrical construction and service needs of industrial customers throughout the Permian Basin for many years. We provide services in the following areas: • Industrial Electrical Construction, Maintenance and Service • Oil well electrical distribution lines • Breaker Installation & Replacement • Power and Control Wiring • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Electrical • Equipment Installation, Moves and Changes • Generator Installation and Maintenance • Grounding and Bonding •…

Hydrovac Services

BP&L Industries provides Hydrovac Services. Hydro excavation is a SAFE, precise and cost effective way to dig, which is non-destructive and non-mechanic. BP&L Industries services include the following: Potholing - Provides confirmation of buried lines; can be used for pipeline and utility crossings. Pipeline Cleaning - Safe exposure of underground manifolds; expose pipeline crossings and conflicting facilities. Tank Cleaning - Frac, various tanks and drilling support Trenching - Pipeline tie-ins; line fault repairs; and trenching Others - Asphalt / Concrete…

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Supply

BP&L Industries supplies mechanical and electrical equipment for the power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. We can supply top quality electrical and mechanical equipment to meet our clients’ needs. We have an outstanding responsive service at an affordable price. BP&L Industries carries the brands our clients trust, along with money-saving alternatives to suit any budget. BP&L Industries specializes in the following equipment valves, piping, compressors, diesel generators, transformers, tanks and major electrical & mechanical equipment.

Casing Cleaning

BP&L Industries provides services in casing cleaning with our top of the line pressure washer to clean drill pipe, tubing and casing; leaving grease free the in and out treads of the drilling pipe. We also drift the pipes to ensure that they don’t have any dent or imperfection, this quality control procedure helps reduce the down time while the drilling operation process.