Hydrovac Services

BP&L Industries provides Hydrovac Services. Hydro excavation is a SAFE, precise and cost effective way to dig, which is non-destructive and non-mechanic. BP&L Industries services include the following:

  • Potholing - Provides confirmation of buried lines; can be used for pipeline and utility crossings.
  • Pipeline Cleaning - Safe exposure of underground manifolds; expose pipeline crossings and conflicting facilities.
  • Tank Cleaning - Frac, various tanks and drilling support
  • Trenching - Pipeline tie-ins; line fault repairs; and trenching
  • Others - Asphalt / Concrete Removal, Utility Disposal, Cleanups, Piling holes, Horizontal Drilling and Drill-shaft Cutting.

Hydro excavation services is a process that utilizes pressurized water to break up and remove soils. Hydro excavation can uncover cables, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, water utilities, telephone lines, and other subsurface equipment. This method of digging can be done with precision and when excavating in the vicinity of underground utilities is a much faster method. Debris and materials are collected using vacuum equipment, maintaining a nearly dust-free operation. SAFETY is the number one benefit to hydro excavation. Hydro excavation replaces the need for backhoes or other conventional digging equipment. This technology is the safest option when working near service lines or any other sensitive work